Accessing your School Files from Home


Method 1


1.        Go to the school webpage

2.        Click on "My23" at the top

3.        Type in your regular username and password used for computer login at the school

4.        Click on "H Drive" in the blue band near the top. All school documents will show up.

5.        To save to the "H drive" from home, students must "upload" files (green upward pointing arrow button)

6.        For more access, click on "School" on the far right and then "Students" in the blue band

7.        Click on "library" for at home access to all school subscriptions




Method 2 - only use if other method isn't working


You can access the school network from home using the following address:

·        Note: This does not work in the new Explorer 10 - If you find that the link doesn't work try a different browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.)

·        Note: You must download files to your home computer, work on them and then upload them so the new version is available at school.


To gain access to your files you will need to log on with your Network login and password. Login name is firstname.lastname, such as kelly.smith




To Download a File to your Home Computer:

·        Locate the file you want.

·        If needed use the scroll bar at the bottom to access all your files.


·     Select the file then select the Open icon or Right Click the file and select download and specify where you wish to save the file.

o   Note: You may have to check the top bar (Pop-up Blocker) to allow your computer to download files.




To Upload a File Back to the School:

·        Select Upload.


·        Click the Select button and navigate to the file you wish to upload.

·        Note: You must select the Overwrite if file exist if you wish to replace the file.

·        Note: Maximum file size is 30MB


•Select Upload at the bottom to complete the upload process.





·        When finished select Logout at the top right of the window.