Animation Assignments

Animation LEVEL A AssignmentsTERM 2

Note: Assignments and criteria may be changed at teacher’s discretion.


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Due Date





Storytelling ß click & read

Pixar's 22 Rules to Storytelling PowerPoint ßclick & read

Pixar's 22 Rules in detail




1.      Explosion Animation Storyboard & Model Sheet


·         Done individually


·         Must be completed and approved before starting the animation!


o   Create a:

o   One page character Model

·         Download Model Sheet to print

o   One page Storyboard

·         Download Storyboard to print


o        Scan to a PDF –see scanners ßclick for instructions


·         Email Scanned copy to your teacher and handin the paper copy for marking



Week 2

2.      Creating a Landscape Using Push-Pull & Texture 3D Painting


Part 1 - Follow the tutorial to create the landscape using Push-Pull

Part 2 - Add the Landscape Textures with Viewport Canvas Tool

Part 3 - Add the Water Texture

Part 4 - Add the Sky Dome



Week 1

3.     Non-Uniform Scale Problem


·         Uniform scaling is when you scale an object in all 3 axes x, y and z.

·         Non-uniform scaling is when you scale an object just in 1 axis or 2 axes but not all 3. The problem only shows up when you link to an object that has been non-uniform scaled.

·         The object that is linked to a non-uniform scaled object will become distorted when it is rotated.



Week 1

4.     Creating a Simple Character


·         Must have feet and hands with no legs or arms.

·         May create your own body, head, feet and hand style.

·         NOTE: This character will be used for the next assignment.



Week 1

5.     Making your Simple Character Walk in Place


·        You will need to use your character from above.



Week 1

6.     Using your Walk in Place Walk-Cycle


·         You will use your Walk in Place Character above and Your Landscape above.



Week 2





Evaluation of the Animation ß click & read



7.     Explosion Animation Challenge

·         Done individually

·         Remember to include:

o  Anticipation

o  Secondary Motion

o  Music & Sound Effects


·        See Fx Tutorials & Notes for tutorials on:

o  Explosions – simple and chunky

o  Lighter – sparks and fire

o  Bomb – sparks and explosion with fire and smoke




Week 5




·        Animation Portfolio to YOUTUBE

  • Add to your Portfolio any animations you have completed
  • Use Windows Movie Maker to assemble all your BEST animations with music and sound effects. 
  • Put your Portfolio onto YouTube
  • Email your Teacher the URL of your YouTube Portfolio


·         Note: You may use Premier Pro if you prefer it to Movie Maker



Week 6




8.      Robot Tutorial – Using Parametric, Spline and Mesh Modeling

·         Your robot doesn’t need to look like this

·         Be creative, but not too complicated.

·         NOTE:  NO WHEELS

·         Must have legs and feet, arms and hands)

·         Must have elbows and knee caps that can bend for walking.

·         Render a picture of this and submit it to the web page

·         Note: You will use your robot in the next assignment.


Add to Portfolio

Week 7

9.      Walking Robot - Hierarchal Linking and Forward Kinematics


·         Using your Robot Model do the following:

·         Link the Robot parts (primitives) together and adjust the pivots so the parts bend properly (see the mace and robot arm tutorials for adjusting pivots).

·         Start at the toes (if there are any) linking them to the foot, then the foot to the lower leg etc. until you come to the pelvis.  Then link the fingers to the hand, the hand to the lower arm, up to the shoulders, down the spine until you get to the pelvis. Lastly link the eyes to the head, the head to the neck and the neck to the shoulders.

·         When properly linked, if you move the pelvis everything else should move.


The Walk Cycle using Forward Kinematics

·         Using ROTATE create a stationary walk cycle as shown.

·         This method is known as forward kinematics. 

·         Render an animation with a repeating walk cycle as shown.


Add to Portfolio

Week 8




Creating a 3D Movie Title

·         Watch

o    NOTE: Do not use the Arch & Design or set Renderer to Mental Ray

o    NOTE: For Brushed Metal go to:


o    Note: Do not do the After Effects section at the end of the tutorial.

o    Note: Render it out as an AVI file not a TIF format.

o    Note: Use your first or last name for the movie title, whichever is shortest.

o    You will use this in your portfolio title screen




·         Watch 

o    Create the spoon



Spoon Animated

·         As in the shark animation use a FFD box and create a short animation bringing the spoon to life.

·         Note: You may need to slice your spoon in several places to make it bend better.





Path Deform Modifier – Logo Animation

·         Watch 

o    Note: Use text such as “My MBSS Animation Portfolio”.

o    You will use this in your portfolio title screen




·         Watch or

·         Create your own sword.



Sword Animated ß Click to see how to slice for using the FFD box

·         As in the shark animation use a FFD box or a Path Deform and create a short animation bringing the sword to life.

·         Note: Click to see how to slice your sword in several places to make it bend better.






·         YouTube:

·         Create the dice



Dice Animated

·         Create a short animation bringing the dice to life.

·         Use Anticipation and Secondary Motion







·         Create the Flag



Flag Animated Scene

·         Create a short animation and be creative with what you have learned about cloth.







·         Create the Chain



Chain Animated

·         Create a short animation bringing the chain to life – see

·         If you create an object and instead of Static select Kinematic then your object can move and the chain will follow – click to see sample





Particle Skinner - Meltdown Effect Tutorial


·         Follow the tutorial



Particle Skinner - Meltdown Effect ß Your Own Creation

·         Be creative and demonstrate what you have learned





Lego Character – Difficult!

·         Watch

·         Background image       Face Material     ß Download to your Picture folder

·         Create the Lego Character

o    /10 Part 1 – Body, Head, and Legs

o    /10 Part 2 – Arms and Hands

o    /10 Part 3 – Materials and Set Pivot Gizmos

o    Skip Part 4 ß Do not do this part.

o    /10 – Do a short animation with your character.



Minion Character – More Difficult!!!

·         Watch

o    Create the Minion Character

o    Marks will be determined by the amount completed

§  /10 Body and Arms

§  /10 Legs and Feet

§  /10 Hands

§  /10 Eyes, Googles and Hair

§  /10 Mouth

§  /10 Teeth and Tongue

§  Bonus – Unwrapping Entire Minion and Materials