Animation Assignments

Animation LEVEL B AssignmentsTERM 2

Note: Assignments and criteria may be changed at teacher’s discretion.


Out of

Due Date




1.      Creating Simple Eyes


·        Click Here and Follow the tutorial

·         Submit to “hand in” folder 30 second animation with blinks, eye motion, and FFD box changes.


Week 1

2.      Creating a Simple Animated Mouth using Boolean


·        Click Here and Follow the tutorial

·         Submit to “hand in” folder 3-4 second animation with mouth changing from smile to frown.


Week 1

3.      Create a “Veggie Tails” Character


·        Watch YouTube Veggie tales videos and choose one character.

·        Character must have full eyes (some don’t)

·        Recreate the character as accurately as possible. (you can keep the materials in the eye’s if you wish)

·        Click here for a picture of some characters.

·         Submit to “hand in” folder 3-4 second animation of still character rotating 360 degrees.  (or camera rotating around character)


Week 2

4.      Animating Facial Expression / Emotions


·         Choose 5 expressions or emotions and animate your character from one into the next. (don’t make it too quick)

·         Expressions should use changing eyes as much as changing mouth.

·         The size shape and position of the entire character may change as well.

·        Click here for some expression ideas.

·         Click to see example by C. Bradbury

·        Submit to “hand in” folder 30 second animation of character’s face changing from one expression to the next.



Week 2


5.      Setting the stage

·         Click here to open the scene file.  (.max file)

·         Right away “Save As” to your H: drive.

·         Watch a few YouTube veggie tales videos to see the style of scenes used in veggie tails.

·         Using the “props” stored off to the side of the countertop, set up the countertop as a scene.

·         You can also use Student created props - available at I:/Muir-Animation/Veggie Tales Countertop/Student Props

·         If needed, use the props that look like supported sheets or boards and add images to the front panel as a material.  Click here for examples.

·         Submit to the “hand in” folder a rendered image or short animation of the scene with all props in place.



Week 3

6.      Creating a prop

·         Watch a few YouTube veggie tales videos to see the style of props used in veggie tails.

·         Either recreate one of the props you have seen or make up your own using the same style (cartoonish)

·        Make sure the prop is not already in the scene file.

·        Save the new prop in a .max file all by itself, and email it to your teacher to add to the Prop folder.

·        Props that are well done will be added to the scene file.

·        Submit to the “hand in” folder the .max file with only the prop in it, (no other objects) and a rendered image of the prop.



Week 3

7.      Veggie Tales Walk Through Animation

·         Click to see sample – D. Lapointe

·         Click to see another sample – A. Bailey

·        Click to see another sample with sound – M. Gonzalas

·        Click to see another sample with sound – C. Bradbury

·         Have your Veggie Tale character walk / bounce / waddle, through your scene.

·         Have them stop and look at something.

·         Remember blinks.

·         Change his/her expression and continue walking through.

·         During the walkthrough consider the following:

-           Have character walk around items

-           Move eyes and mouth as he/she goes

-           Change size, shape and position of you character as needed

-           Interact with the environment.

·         Submit to the “hand in” folder a 30 second animation.





Week 3




Animation Requirements ßclick & read

(Alternative Assignment Requirements)




Storytelling ß click & read

Pixar's 22 Rules to Storytelling PowerPoint ßclick & read

Pixar's 22 Rules in detail



Evaluation of the Animation ß click & read






8.       Three Week Animation Storyboard & Model Sheet


· Must be completed and approved before starting the animation!


  • Your Choice of Topic - will canvas class for some ideas



o Create a:

o One page character Model

o One page Storyboard


o Scan to a PDF –see scanners ßclick for instructions


o Submit to the Handin folder




Week 4

9.      Three Week Animation Challenge


·         Done individually


·         Remember to include:

o  Anticipation

o  Secondary Motion

o  Music & Sound Effects


·        See Fx Tutorials & Notes for tutorials you may need




Week 7




10.  Creating a Character with Bones and a Skin Modifier


·         Follow the tutorial and create a short animation

·         Download and try the sample Ferret Character



Week 8

11.  Bonus - Other Tutorial or Creation – See Instructor for Ideas


·         You must talk to the Instructor before you begin!

·         This should be something that will take 4-5 classes to complete.


Some Ideas:

·         Classical Animation – similar to one of these – using the light table draw your animation of a repeatable action…….see instructor to okay this as there is limited time on the light table.

·         Expand on a previous assignment.

·         Look at the Fx Tutorials and pick some tutorials you have never done.

·         Look at the Internet for 3dsMax tutorials.

·         Create a tutorial.

·         See the Instructor for ideas.



Week 8




12.  Animation Portfolio to YOUTUBE

·         Add to your Portfolio any animations you have completed

·         Use Windows Movie Maker to assemble all your BEST animations with music and sound effects. 

·         Put your Portfolio onto YouTube

·        Email your Teacher the URL of your YouTube Portfolio


·         Note: You may use Premier Pro if you prefer it to Movie Maker



Week 8