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        Adding Audio (Sound in Max)

        After Effects Tutorials

        Blur Effect

        Boolean Creating Holes, Slots, etc. in an object

        Camera Mapping & Matte Shadows



        Earth & Landscapes

        Fire / Explosions

        Hair & Grass

        Lights & Glow also see Video Post

        Mass Fx

        Materials & 3D Texture Painting

        Motion (animating)

        Particle Systems




        Reversing an Animation

        Rigging Bones IK

        Video Post - Glow







Adding Audio to Max Back to Top

        Adding Audio to Max By N. Chadda



After Effects Tutorials Back to Top

        Lightening by C. Reck YouTube Lightening



Blur Effect Back to Top



Boolean Creating Holes, Slots etc. Back to Top




Camera Mapping & Matte Shadows Back to Top

        Camera Mapping & Matte Shadows By B. Piebenga



Cloth Back to Top

        Modeling 3D Sails with Wind thanks to T. Gibson



Cords Back to Top

        Animating a cord Part-1 Part-2 or on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=4_fFoMfgUL4

        Creating a headphone or phone spiral cord or on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YBuGVQtgg0



Earth & Landscapes (also see Hair & Grass) Back to Top

        Creating Landscapes with Push/Pull By J. Galye

        Landscapes using the Displace modifiers

        Misty Landscapes By J. Emmond

        Ground Fog



Fire, Smoke & Explosions Back to Top

        Simple Explosion

        Chunky Explosions by J. Brown

        Realistic Chunky Explosions by K. Warkotsch

        Nuclear Explosion

        Bomb J. Cumbers sparks, explosion and fire

        Lighter J. Cumbers sparks and fire

        Campfire By J. Galye

        Fire for Explosions





        Smoke Trails

        Rocket Exhaust By B. Piebenga



Hair & Grass Back to Top

        See 3DS Max Help pull-down for Hair tutorial for real hair look but slow to render

        Simple Hair C. MacDonald

        Grass (or hair) using scatter By J. Emmond




Lights & Glow Back to Top

        Creating a Sun with Lens Flare M. Levanel

        Blinking Lights

        Glow with Particle Age K. Warkotsch

        Laser J. Galye

        Lightning - http://perso.wanadoo.fr/3d/tutorials/lightn/lightn.html

        Volume Lighting

        Glow using Video Post J. Galye

        Glow (Part 2) with Lightning using Video Post J. Galye




Mass Fx Back to Top




Materials Back to Top

        Arch & Design Materials

        Painting using Viewport Canvas Landscape Texture Painting

        3D Mesh Painting using Viewport Canvas

        Muti-Layer & Raytrace By D. Rarog

        Glass By M. Enders

        Cel Shading L. Watson

        Adding Material To A Character R. Ohlin

        Creating a Simple Orb S. Proke

        X-ray Material N. Bakalos




Motion / Animating Back to Top

        Following a Path Tutorial

        Following an Uneven Surface by J. Galye

        Fish Swimming J. Galye




Particle Systems Back to Top

        Solar System K. Nielsen




Reactor Back to Top

        Demolishing a Brick Wall By B. Piebenga

        Making Cloth using Reactor By B. Piebenga




Reversing an Animation Back to Top

        Reversing an Animation using 3ds Max

        Reversing an Animation using Premiere




Rigging Bones & IK Back to Top

        Video Tutorial on IK




Sky Back to Top

        Sky Dome




Space Back to Top

        Following a Path Tutorial

        Rocket Exhaust By Blake Piebenga

        Adding Stars using Video Post

        Engine Glow

        Space Shockwave

        Video - Laser or Light Saber




Video Post Back to Top

        Glow J. Galye

        Glow (Part 2) with Lightning J. Galye




Water Back to Top


        Realistic Water

        Fish Swimming J. Galye

        Pouring Liquid by C. Gaine

        Under Water Scene Re-Designed by V. Gogol

Original: http://www.3dcafe.com/asp/tutorials/max/underwaterscenes/underwaterscenes.asp


        Waterfall thanks to M. Greger

        Ice Cubes thanks to K. Nielsen

        Water reacting to object C. Badgley




Weather Back to Top

        Snow M. Jennings-Bates

        Clouds J. Galye




Miscellaneous Back to Top

        Linking a vertex to an object


        Creating a paper airplane


        Creating an Animated Gif from an Animation


        Veggie Tales Character French Pea By G. Donald


        Tank Tracks

        Leaving tracks in the sand N. Bakalos


        Making a Flag By K. Ingram


        Flying Logo J. Pagee


        Clint DiClementi - 3D Animation, Modeling, Effects, and Digital Art Channel C. Badgley


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