Getting AutoDesk (Drafting & Animation) Software for Home



1.     Go to


2.     Select Student Downloads at the bottom of the webpage or look around if it has been moved

3.     Select Secondary


4.     Select Create Account

5.     Create an account

·        Note: Be sure to use a real email as they will email activation codes

·        Note: Your Autodesk ID is one you create such as "ksmith"

6.     Your activation link and information will be emailed to the address you used.


7.     Open your email and select the activation link.


8.     Sign in.

9.     Select the Free Software

10.            Select the appropriate software:

·        AutoCad 2016 for Drafting - see settings below

·        Revit 2016 for level C Drafting

·        3ds Max Design 2016 for Animation - see settings below

NOTE: You may have to try to download it several times as it may lose connection with the server.




AutoCad – Blocks for Architectural

·        Right click and Save Target as to download the required files for the house plan blocks


AutoCad Setup (to make it like the school)


·        All toggles off except Polar Tracking & Object Snap



·        Close any floating toolbars

·        Set to 2D Drafting & Annotation Workspace


·        Under the Application icon pull-down select Options then:

§  Display:

·        Crosshair set to 100

·        Layout Elements – Uncheck create viewport in new layouts


§  User Preferences

·        Windows Standard Behavior…

o   Uncheck Shortcut menu…




3ds Max Setup (to make it like the school)


·        Right click and Save Target as to download the required files for the Level A tutorials


·        Right click and Save Target As to download the full Material library (1Gb - large)


·        No changes to the default settings at the present time.