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Note: There is “free music” and “royalty free music” which are different!!!  


Audacity Software – sound editing software (for mp3 exporting download “Lame mp3 Encoder” also)


Sound effects  - Thanks to T. Earl - Royalty free - Thanks to J. Smith


Music Royalty free – browse by Genre or Feel – Thanks to J. Cumbers


Music and Sound Effects – Thanks to Mr. Jacobs




Tutorials, Materials & More

free art lessons from Artyfactory

Tutorials – Thanks to D. Strauch

Tutorials – Thanks to J. Cumbers

Tutorials, materials, other – Thanks to G. Bruneau

Tutorials, materials, other – Thanks to A. Geoffrey

Tile-able sky texture maps – Thanks to D. Saddler

3DS Max tutorials – most Level C – Thanks to G. Watson  - Thanks to J. Frouws

Animation World Network – Information, job opportunities, links and more

    Walk Cycle – Thanks to A. Ingram

Computer Arts – Tutorials, downloads and loads of information

Question: How do I get access to FREE models?
Answer: You must submit at least 3 of your own models to share with the community. After you've uploaded 3 models and you've been approved, you'll get access to all of our FREE 3D models and any future FREE 3D Models that we upload!

Variety of animation info.  Thanks to G. Watson

Tutorials, textures, etc.   Thanks to D. Pelletier

Tutorials: Photoshop, some 3d Studio, etc.


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Creating a Portfolio


Animation as a Career – Things to Ponder


How To Become An Animator – By


Animation Industry Report 2009 – By Animation Mentor


Sample of Requirements for an Animation School Portfolio


Not sure how independent these sites are but they may be useful for you to evaluate schools


Another Art School Review Website



Center of Arts and Technology Okanagan (CATO)

Animation 2D & 3D, Video Gaming, Digital Media Design, Event Management, Digital Film, Information Technology, Recording Arts, and Visual Effects


Think Tank

Specialized training in 3D Animation, Visual Effects, and Game Design

Art Institute in Vancouver

Vancouver Film School

Sheridan College - Ontario  

Capilano College - Animation program

Animation Mentor - Online program

Center for Digital Media - Masters of Digital Media program

Emily Carr University

BCIT Animation



Drafting          Back to Top

Island Blueprinting


Drafting Post Secondary    Back to Top


BCIT – Drafting Program


Kwantlen University College - Surrey



Web Design          Back to Top

Google Fonts - A method to add more fonts to a website that is accessible to all browsers




Web Design Post Secondary    Back to Top


Center of Arts and Technology Okanagan (CATO)

Digital Media Design, Animation 2D & 3D, Video Gaming, Event Management, Digital Film, Information Technology, Recording Arts, and Visual Effects





Miscellaneous        Back to Top

After Effects tutorials and more

Free fonts

Information articles on computers, cards etc.

Tutorials on PhotoShop, Flash, Paint Shop Pro, click art

Hardware prices – company out of Vancouver – This site courtesy of D. Pelletier

Photoshop tutorials